What’s on Your Belt?

Brite Belt International provides consistent and efficient mechanical scrubbing action for conveyor belt surfaces.

The Brite Belt scrubber unit breaks up biofilm and allows your ‘killer’ chemical solution to reach pathogens while also removing residual food debris.







Standard Sized

Brite Belt Scrubber

Brite Belt scrubbers are easy to use and designed for cleaning all types of flat conveyor surfaces including modular link belts, roller conveyors, neoprene and stainless steel. Units can be customized to fit your unique conveyor belt width. Our Brite Belt scrubber units come in a variety of sizes that allow consistent and continuous flow of chemicals, coatings or solutions onto conveyor belt surfaces.

With five standard scrubber units to choose from, or with our new customizable unit the BRICK, we can accommodate any size preference. Our aggressive, but non-abrasive scrubber pads come in blue or white and are cut to fit your unit.

Custom Sized

The BRICK Scrubber

Our newest profile, The BRICK, is a custom-built scrubber designed to get into tight or unusually shaped spaces in your production line, where biofilm loves to hide. Units are made to fit your conveyor belt width, and use the same aggressive – but not abrasive – scrubber pad that you have come to rely on.

The Brite Belt BRICK is 7 inches long, 7 inches tall, and is custom-made to fit the width of your conveyor belt. Orifices 0.031 inches in diameter along with the bottom front edge gravity-feed cleaning solution and sanitizer onto the scrubber pad and conveyor surface. The scrubber pad is locked into Dual Lock that runs along the leading and trailing edge. On top of the unit is a 2-inch fill port, and an air vent which can be opened to increase the flow of cleaning solution. For extra scrubbing action, a brush can be attached to both the front and back of the unit.

We Can Accommodate Any Size Preference
With five units to choose from, or with our new customizable unit, the BRICK, we can accommodate any size preference. Our scrubber units come in widths of 6”, 8”, 12”, 16”, 16” tall, all with a 24” long footprint. Our customizable BRICK unit is built from 4” to 96” with a 7” footprint.

Why should you use Brite Belt scrubbers?

They control the parameters of cleaning. TACT: Time, Action, Concentration, Temperature.


The window of opportunity to clean is limited and with the non-abrasive pad we custom-designed for our scrubbers, it is possible to leave the scrubbers on the conveyor belt for as many revolutions as necessary to remove the biofilm.


With the Brite Belt scrubbers, the mechanical action is realized by the conveyor belt surface running under the scrubber that is stabilized on top of the conveyor.


The strength of the cleaning solution can be controlled inside the scrubber units. For easy to clean biofilms, the cleaning solution might be very weak, but for hard to clean biofilm and surfaces the solution might be very strong. The scrubbers continually apply the cleaning solution to the conveyor belt surface.


When cleaning, the temperature of the chemical solution is a key factor. If you raise the solution temperature, you increase the chemical cleaning strength.

Brite Belt scrubbing units and cleaning pads will assist your company in meeting compliance with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point program (HACCP).

Our goal is to improve food safety affordably, consistently, and efficiently. “KEEP IT SIMPLE” is our motto. The Brite Belt scrubbers are simple to use and work on all types of flat conveyor surfaces and with all cleaning and sanitizing solutions.

Will Brite Belt scrubbers work for you?

Simply TEST TEST TEST! Testing is critical! Put our scrubbers to the test and see the amazing results for yourself. We have a demonstration program for your facility to evaluate our scrubbers cost-free to you!

Industries That Use Our Products

Industries that currently purchase our products include baking, dairy, fruit, vegetable, meat, poultry, egg, fish, canning, packaging, bottling, and other food processing facilities. We work with many of the leading chemical providers as a delivery system for their cleaning and sanitizing solutions. 

The Brite Belt scrubbers dispense cleaning solution consistently across the conveyor surface, while at the same time providing the necessary mechanical scrubbing action. Whether you are using neoprene, interlock, stainless steel, or any other type of flat conveyor, Brite Belt will improve your sanitation program.