How It Works

Eliminate Food Safety Hazard
A critical point in food processing is the surface of the conveyor belt. Brite Belt units provide the mechanical scrubbing action necessary to physically remove and destroy biofilms. The food processing industry is under ever-increasing pressure to control and eliminate biofilm as a potential food safety hazard.

Understanding Biofilm
A biofilm is an assemblage of surface-associated microbial cells that is enclosed in an extracellular polymeric substance matrix and can be made up of a single bacteria or many species of bacteria, as well as fungi, algae, protozoa, debris, and corrosive material. While chemicals are used to kill most pathogens, mechanical scrubbing is still necessary to physically remove and destroy biofilms. 

Efficient System
The Brite Belt System provides a mechanical scrubbing action more consistently and efficiently than hand scrubbing, reducing swab counts, labor, and risk exposure.

You won’t believe how easy it is to operate.

Step 1

Simply place the unit on the conveyor and fill with your preferred cleaner or sanitizer.

Step 2

Make sure that the unit is stationary by backing it up to the existing framework or securing it with a bungee.

Step 3

Once the scrubber is in place, simply turn on the conveyor and let it run.

Step 4

Our non-scratch scrubber pads will provide the mechanical scrubbing action necessary to prevent and remove biofilm, while the cleaning solution kills the pathogens.

Check out the video to learn more about our system.

Best Practices for Brite Belt System


Critical Control Point Areas
We recommend that you only use scrubber pads once. Pad replacement is a minor cost compared to the efficacy they achieve. In areas that are less critical, pads can be cleaned, sanitized, and reused.

Preventing Cross-contamination

  • Always use the same scrubber unit on the same belt. Identify each scrubber by placing on it a number that corresponds to the belt it cleans.
  • Always empty the scrubbers of the solution after you are done. Under certain conditions, the scrubber units can lose shape if they are used to store chemicals while in the upright position for long periods of time.
  • Periodically check to see if the drainage orifices are flowing freely. Compressed air is a good method for removing clogs. Do not try to drill out plugged orifices – doing so will dramatically change the solution flow rates.


To Increase the Aggressiveness of the Scrubber

  • Replace the scrubber pad once it is fully soiled.

  • Keep the scrubber full of cleaning solution. The added weight will increase down pressure.

  • Place added weight on top of the scrubber for more down pressure.