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Who, Why, and How


Assist your company in meeting compliance with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point program (HACCP). BRITE BELT, an integral part of your preventative maintenance and control procedures.


A Critical Control Point in food processing is the surface of the conveyor belt. BRITE BELT eliminates food sources for pathogen micro organisms.


Mechanically and chemically remove biofilm from flat conveyor belt surfaces. Break up the biofilm and allow the cleanser to reach the pathogen micro organisms as well as remove residual food debris.

Benefits Beyond Food Safety

The cleaning and sanitizing solution is metered through orifices which control the amount of chemical usage and apply the chemical continuously where needed. The pad attached to the system does not contain aluminum or pumice, and therefore, will not scratch the conveyor belt surface. This allows the scrubber unit to be left on the surface of the belt for longer periods to destroy pathogens. The BRITE BELT system does these tasks without incurring significant labor costs. Once in place, those elements necessary to control biological hazards which include time, cleaning and sanitizing solution, and mechanical removal of bio-films are done without labor costs.


Conveyor Belt Systems

BRITE BELT™ conveyor cleaning and conditioning system is designed to clean, condition, and sanitize belt surfaces saving you time and money.

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